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Unit 4, 8 Lambridge Place PENRITH NSW 2750

Pitt Tooling Services can advise you on all your rubber mould manufacture and design needs.
Rubber Mould Design and Manufacture - Injection, Compression and Transfer Moulds

Depending on your product and quantities we can help you with anything from a small 1 cavity prototype mould to multi cavity compression, transfer or injection moulds.

Rubber Extrusion Dies

Pitt Tooling Services has specialised in rubber extrusion dies for over 30 years and can supply you with any information you might need regarding shape, compound or price. Our extrusion dies range in size from a small 50mm dia x 10mm thick disk to a 460mm dia 25mm thick disk and all sizes in between.

Rubber Mould Maintenance

Pitt Tooling Service will keep your moulds in the best possible condition with preventative maintenance We can service your tools between moulding times by cleaning, greasing and any repairs necessary.